[Udemy Free Coupon] Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code is a free and open sourced code editor led by Microsoft. It is by far most popular text editor in the world. While this is a text editor, it has full features of an IDE, such as integrated version control, terminal and debugger.
It also extension marketplace where you would find millions extensions to empower your development workflow.
I will walk you through the user interface of Visual Studio Code. I will show you different ways of doing the same thing. We will cover debug session, including both frontend and backend debugging experience.
We will also cover user snippet and emmet which is less well known feature of Visual Studio Code.
I am experienced online instructor. I created this course because I really enjoy using VScode and I want you to know and use this tool better as well. I will share my tips and tricks with you.
Being a programmer, code editor is the tool you use the most in a day. Small performance improvement on a frequent used tool bring you about huge productivity and result.
This is absolutely a free course I intended to made for contribution to the community. What are you waiting for?

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