[Udemy Free Coupon] Video Marketing Made Easy – A To Z Step By Step Guide

Welcome to Video Marketing Course!
Videos are very effective Lead Magnets these says. 75% people say they would prefer videos compared to text!
It Is also not hard to understand why videos are very important for marketing. Videos are easy to consume and fast in communication compared to long texts.
All looking to sell through digital marketing should have complete knowing of video marketing.
In this course we will give you know how of Making Videos & Marketing them. We will also discuss best practices to publish your videos for maximum discover-ability.
Video Marketing is also very versatile and easy to change according to consumers taste. It is also very easy to share videos for more engagement.
Some Crucial Data to suggest Video Marketing is very important –
1- According to Hubspot 97% of marketeers say videos are helpful in selling.
2- Cisco says 81% of all internet traffic will be videos by 2021.

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