[Udemy Free Coupon] Trigonometry for O Level Add Math

Target Audience

  • This course is for students preparing for GCE O Level Additional Math Exam
  • Students who are studying in Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 in high school will benefit

This course can be used as a revision course for students who

  • want to challenge themselves with more difficult math questions
  • want to enhance their knowledge by attempting deep concept questions

Students should have a basic understanding of the topic on Trigonometry and application of trigonometry
This course will

  • enhance the understanding of students by showing example questions
  • illustrate concepts and strategies in solving challenging differentiation problem sums

Topics covered

  1. Proving Trigonometric Identity and solving Trigonometric Equations
  2. Solving Trigonometric Special Angle Questions
  3. Solving Trigonometric Graphs, Period and Amplitude Questions
  4. Solving Trigonometric Questions on R-formula

How is this course different from other Math courses?
In this course, students will learn how to solve challenging and typical examination questions that are similar to high school Additional Mathematics at the GCE Ordinary Level.
Sample questions will first be discussed in the videos. Step by step the approach and strategy of top mind students will be introduced, concepts will be explained followed by the steps to the solution.
Quizzes will be given to students to solve, followed by explanations on how to  approach and solve the questions on videos.
Students will benefit largely by grasping the concepts and strategy. You are not alone in solving the challenging problem sums!

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