[Udemy Free Coupon] The Ultimate Product Guide to Jira

Jira is the most widely used tool for Agile Development in the world but if you’re new to it then it can be a bit of a pain to use and find your way around. That’s where this course comes in, by the end of it you should be familiar enough with it to do both basic and more advanced tasks.
Product Owners, Developers and Scrum Masters can easily earn 6 figure salaries and this is the most commonly used software for Agile development and experience with Jira can be a key to your success in interviews.
I have used Jira for over a decade as a Product Owner and Scrum Master so want to share everything from the basics of using Jira through to some more advanced admin features.
The key elements I cover on this course are as follows:

  • Creating your first story
  • Prioritising the backlog and starting/ending sprints
  • Creating Epics
  • Writing Acceptance Criteria
  • Adding Users
  • Changing Agile Workflows in Jira and adding different issue types

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