[Udemy Free Coupon] Rondo alla Turca – Piano Classics Vol.2

Do you like Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart?
Do you play this piece or do you want to learn to play it?
This course for you!!
Welcome to Piano Classics Vol. 2, this course is dedicated to learning to play Mozart’s very famous Rondo Alla Turca, this piece is undoubtedly one of the most famous pieces that exist within the traditional classical piano repertoire.
In this course you will find the right guide so you can make the most of what this piece has for you, there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to play a piece we love but keep fighting with technical and performing issues, that is why this course will help you to understand what it takes to play this piece beautifully.
This course is not the classic tutorial note by note, so you need to have the reading level to play this piece.
In this course you will find:

  • Performance of the piece.
  • Analysis of the music.
  • Piano analysis of each section.
  • Listening and reading exercises.
  • Technique recommendations.

Whether you play the piano as a hobby, you have been playing for a while or maybe you are a piano teacher who frequently teaches this piece, this course will make you improve your way of playing, do not let time go by and increase your knowledge of this piece from classical piano repertoire.
This course in Udemy has a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you can have your money back,  so you have nothing to lose.
Ilse Lozoya is the instructor of this course, she is a pianist, music teacher and is an instructor of more than 60 courses in Udemy to more than 40,000 students worldwide.
REGISTER NOW and take that step to improve your piano performance and enjoy even more every time you play your favorite pieces.

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