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REBT stands for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. From this course, you will understand these four elements, what they mean and how they apply to you or those you might seek to help.  REBT has also been referred to as “rational therapy” or “rational emotive therapy” emphasizing the rational aspect of therapy.
As you can probably guess, the focus is to help yourself or clients live in a more rational way. Albert Ellis, the pioneer of REBT, believed that thoughts and beliefs led to either helpful or unhelpful behaviors and consequences. The unhelpful beliefs often result in self-defeat.
The main idea of REBT is that our behaviors and emotions, which is the way we feel and act, are influenced by our attitudes and beliefs. Our emotions and behaviors are the result of our beliefs that precede it. The expectations we have about situations, our thoughts about how we should act and how others should act, affect how we feel and really dictate our emotional responses to challenging or difficult life events.
Therefore, instead of addressing the symptom, as does most cognitive behavioral therapies, REBT goes farther down to the underlying cause: Our Beliefs. When we change our beliefs, it changes us.
REBT is really a self-help and self-management type of therapy. It has become so popular because it is effective and simple to use for many different problems. It has been used for anxiety disorders, pain management, coping with stress, depression, PTSD, family issues, addictions of all sorts, phobias, and much more.
It is a one of a kind therapy that really encourages people to examine their goals, values and expectations of themselves, others and the world.
So, with that said, REBT focuses on the techniques of change, rather than just gaining insight. It focuses on the root cause, instead of just the symptoms. Learn how to use this powerful therapy in this course.

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