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This course is about increasing your focus and productivity through improving your executive function skills through the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Executive function skills are the mental processes that help you get where you are going and achieve your goals.The concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used to help us improve executive function skills, increase focus, and reduce anxiety around learning.
Commonly, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is used to treat physical complaints, such as pain syndromes, headaches, and digestive disorders. And now it is commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, and PTSD.
We know that it can be used to restore the physical body, but it can also help to improve the functioning of the mind, and address learning and thinking skills.
In this course we will explore how we can use the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to improve executive function skills, such as focus and attention, working memory, planning, organization, task initiation, task monitoring, self-monitoring, inhibition, emotional regulation, shifting, and goal-directed persistence.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each organ system is connected to a particular emotion and a specific virtue, or part of a person’s psyche. It is through this theory that we examine the various executive functions and make connections to the various¬† systems of the body, and then we can see how the body, mind, and soul are all connected.

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