[Udemy Free Coupon] Navigating the Cessna 172 day and night.

The World really is your affordable oyster with your computer and flight sim programme. Today the airforce flys drone attack aircraft anywhere in the world from base stations thousands of miles away. Anyone can now afford to learn fly anywhere in the world day or night in real time conditions including the weather. A pilot has to plan his or her route, assessment of weather conditions and terrain clearance. This course teaches you what you need to know to navigate your cessna 172 around the world day or night. It goes far beyond the abilities of the pocket for flying in the real world. Also you are flying the latest brand new Cessna 172 with state of the art Avionics, not some rattling old noisy rental plane with minimal equipment.
Why spend thousands at a flying school when you can learn for free? This course helps you to decide on spending huge amounts of cash on a pilots licence or not!
For this beginner course you will need a computer and a joystick, (rudder pedals are not necessary but are also recommended) and a flight sim programme such as a cessna 172. Microsoft flight sim and X plane 11 are good ones for example.
It also teaches you things that can catch you out in total safety.

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