[Udemy Free Coupon] Learning HTML5: For Complete Beginners
When it comes to the online world, keeping up with all the technology is always a challenge. Learning HTML5 is where to start. This course will not only teach you HTML5, it will also teach you to code with good habits. We will start with basic html tags, and move towards creating a simple static website. The website will be seven pages, this can serve as your first website in your portfolio.
This course is perfect for the complete beginner to web development.
I have also designed this course a bit different then most of the courses on Udemy. What I decided to do was follow a more classroom approach. When I took my computer programming classes the instructor did not talk while they were writing code. The instructor would write the code we would follow along writing code. Once the code was written this is where the instructor would start to speak about the code.
I believe this system will work fantastic here: Why? Because each student is different, so by not talking during the coding parts allows the user to either speed up the video or slow it down to match their typing speed.
I have made this a free course to help you get started in the right direction. So when you are ready click on the Enroll now button.

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