[Udemy Free Coupon] How to Feel At Home Abroad

You left all your loved ones back home and you landed in a new country.
Everything and Everyone is DIFFERENT
You have to start your life over again.
You have to Re-Identify yourself
You have to Re-design your life
How will you every adjust and feel comfortable? The Answer is in this course.
Shift from EXpat to INpat
I’ve been there, many times, landing in a new country, feeling excited but also terrified.
Trying to adjust to the ”new”,  but still missing the ”old”.
Trying to find familiar foods, familiar views, familiar clothes, familiar habits.
Trying to create a routine.
Worry no more.
This Step by Step guide to settle abroad will help you feel familiar and comfortable wherever you are, easily and quickly.
Moving abroad is a life changing experience and can be challenging, but a journey of learning, self-development and living a life you will never regret.
Find out how to have the right mindset, understand the new, get social, feel familiar, and be the person you want to be in a new country.

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