[Udemy Free Coupon] Flimora 9 Tutorial: 7 Steps to Make an Awesome Video
I know, there’re many filmora tutorials and guides out there. But I don’t just want to make another instruction manual for you. What I have, is hands-on experience working with professional videographers and making hundreds of videos for the YouTube channel Filmora MVP. I grew that channel to 180,000 followers and 9 million annual views from scratch within 2 years. So, I’ve got a lot to share with you. This course is more like a step by step tutorial of how to make awesome videos with software like filmora 9, with lots of real examples and actionable tips. There’re 7 lectures currently representing 7 steps to edit stunning videos (more lectures will be updated):

  • Step 1: Get started, correct ratio setting and import media files
  • Step 2: Adjust the color of your video to convey the right mood
  • Step 3: 4 methods to split/trim your videos and 2 tips to do it like a pro
  • Step 4: Crop your video and apply pan zoom to enhance your visual context
  • Step 5: Complete audio editing guide
  • Step 6: How to choose appropriate transitions
  • Step 7: 5 scenarios of using text effects and how to utilize it

If you’re ready to make a significant progress in video editing, let’s start the journey!

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