[Udemy Free Coupon] Exception Handling in Python 3 – try, except, else, finally

As the part of Exception Handling, we will cover the following topics.
1. Syntax Error vs Runtime Error
2. The 3 Most Important Questions about Exception Handling
3. Default Exception Handling and Exception Hierarchy
4. Customized Exception Handling by using try-except
5. Control flow in try-except
6. How to print Exception Information to the console?
7. try with multiple except blocks?
8. Single except block that can handle multiple different exceptions
9. Default Except Block & Various except block syntaxes
10. finally block purpose and Speciality
11. finally block vs os._exit(0)
12. Important Interview Question: difference between finally block and destructor
13. Control Flow in try-except-finally
14. Nested try-except-finally theory and demo program
15. Control Flow in Nested try-except-finally
16. else block with try-except-finally theory
17. else block with try-except-finally demo programs
18. Various possible combinations of try-except-else-finally
19. Types of Exceptions-Predefined and User Defined
20. How to define and raise Customized Exceptions & Demo Program

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