[Udemy Free Coupon] Big Leap Bootcamp – Part 1: Strategy for your Online Course

How To Build and Launch Your First Online Course While Avoiding the Pain, Frustration and Delays Of Doing It Alone
Fellow Entrepreneur,
I see it again and again, so I have to ask.
Are you tired of constantly scrambling to get new clients?
Is marketing sucking up too much of your time while you’re aching to be helping people instead?
And even if you do manage to fill your workshops, do you find yourself wishing there was some way you could help far more people?
And to top it all off, do you find yourself longing for the freedom to spend the time you want on the things and people you love most?
Then you’re not alone…and I can help
You see, I specialize in helping entrepreneurs that face challenges like these every day. My goal? Build greater freedom and control into their businesses and lives.
Does that sound like the sort of help you could use? It should, especially if:

  • You feel you’re burning out from too much work for too little outcome.
  • Your revenue model’s not serving you well anymore but you have no idea how to change it.
  • You’ve toyed with the idea of creating an online course, but the technology scares you.
  • You’re afraid to let go of the security of what you have to reach for something better.

You see, the Big Leap Bootcamp® gives you the benefit of avoiding all the costly mistakes I made and all the delays I encountered when figuring out this process myself
FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: This course is available totally free! Don’t miss out and register now!
That means you can now:

  • Cut your expenses and time-to-market by a huge margin
  • Eliminate any fear of technology and online marketing
  • Stop the nagging worry that you don’t have what it takes
  • And overcome the paralysis of not knowing where to start

The Big Leap Bootcamp is brought to you by Petra Mayer Consulting in four parts:
Part 1: Strategy for Your Online Courses
Part 2: Planning Your Course
Part 3: Creating Your Course
Part 4: Course Publishing and Launching
I recommend that you follow through all four parts in sequence to get most value.
This program is Part 1 – Strategy for Your Online Course
In this program you will create the strategy for your course. You will get very specific how your course will fit in your business strategy overall. Start with this program to set up the foundation of your course strategy.
I look forward to supporting you in this most important step of your Online Business. Don’t hesitate and join now!
FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: This course is available totally free! Don’t miss out and register now!
The Big Leap Bootcamp® is a registered trademark owned by Petra Mayer Consulting. Part 2-4 are coming very soon!

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