[Udemy Free Coupon] A brief introduction to Amazon Web Services

Didn’t really want to put these details here, but just to set expectations. This is not an informercial for my next course, a lot of people looking for free courses are getting upset because I don’t have advanced content in them… but thats by design.
This is a very beginner friendly course, like for people who have no idea about cloud computing.
If you want more than that my next course will give you that, but trust me it will be a lot more than you can handle if you are looking at this course, and you would truly need to understand the concepts in this course, and a lot of experienced people don’t really understand them well and so they struggle when it comes to complex problems.
The next course I plan on teaching complex terms for architect level work, we will take a complete business and move it to the cloud. And that means exercises to not just create an EC2 instance and an S3 bucket, but we will be creating multiple accounts, multiple VPC, migrate VMs and Databases and so on. It would be a complete infrastructure migration project, and right now that job if you are qualified can get you started at 150k per year, with associate certificate if you are lucky maybe you would get an interview.
But I would be going a lot faster, unlike this course where I am breaking down things to the smallest pieces but if you get these, you shouldn’t have problems with the next sections.
Fundamental IT concepts that you need to know before ( I Paas GaaS) – High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Resiliency, CI CD, deployment types, micro-services and containers etc
Databases – RDS and DynamoDB
Analytics – Kinesis and Athena
Integration – SNS, SQS,
Network – Route53, VPC, CloudFront
Storage – S3, Glacier, EFS
Compute – EC2, autoscaling and load balancing ( most likely 40% of the rest)
Management – CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Systems Manager
IAM would be a key component in all of these.

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