[100% Free] Pitching Investors Masterclass for Indie Filmmaking

Have a film idea or project but have no financing for it? Want to learn how to properly pitch your indie film to an investor?

So you’ve got your budget, you’ve found your audience, and now it’s time to pitch.  But this is no simple process, it’s a skill that must be practiced and honed.

Great movie ideas, like great business ideas, are not actionable unless they get the funding and resources needed to make it happen. Many believe that a good idea is all it takes to get funding, but what it really takes is a good pitch. Being able to effectively deliver a pitch is critical to your success, whether you are building your team, attracting talent, or raising money.

Yet many filmmakers struggle to create and present a pitch that brings results. So, how do you develop a good pitch? While we’ve done a few workshops to help filmmakers get feedback on their pitches, a lot of filmmakers just don’t understand how to structure a pitch. So Producer Foundry has teamed up with Chris Aguilar to bring you a primer on building a pitch that will get Results.