If you want to build powerful, scalable RESTful APIs using latest technologies that you are at right place. This course is all about RESTful APIs development with modern technologies.

Node.js is one of the best and hot technology right now in the market to build powerful REST APIs. Express.js & MongoDB helps to make API quickly and efficiently.

This course contains up to date videos of Node technology that will take you from from very basic level to the advance stage, where you will be able make modern and scalable RESTful APIs.

Like my previous courses, this course is full of exciting project. We have build a powerful JOB API in this course that will help you to learn APIs in Node, Express & MongoDB practically. A lot of practical exciting stuff is included in this course, so that you can can get 100% of this course.


  • Build modern, fast and scalable RESTful API with NodeJS
  • Learn all about Advance Error Handling in Express
  • Learn all about advance filter, sorting, pagination and more
  • Handling File Uploads
  • Learn advanced authentication and authorization
  • Learn all about API Security like: Data Sanitization, Limiting Request, HTTP Header Pollution
  • Learn Advanced Mongoose Queries
  • Learn How to make API Documentation
  • Deploy on Heroku

So at the end, I am ready to teach all the exciting stuff to you right in the course. Click Enroll and I will see you inside the course.

See you!

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